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Patios & Sidewalks

Extend living space outdoors with an inviting walkway or patio. Weather we are using Barkman Concrete products or natural stone all or our patios and sidewalks begin with the best possible foundation. While the base varies according to soil conditions and expected usage it is the most important step of any project. From initial design to the final outcome of your residential or commercial patio, sidewalk or driveway we strive to flawlessly complete every last detail.

Ponds & Water Features

Transform your backyard into a tranquil oasis with natural relaxation of running water. Having a stream or waterfall flowing into a pond creates a inviting peaceful environment.

We can also create outstanding waterfalls and/or stream with the same soothing sound of water without the pond. Pondless water features are a great option if a pond is not suitable to your yard or personal preference. The same quality of pumps is used.

Sod & Planting

We supply and install sod on new lots as well as repairs and reworking of existing landscapes, paying special attention to the base preparation to ensure a healthy, even lawn. We work with some local nurseries and greenhouses to select high quality trees, shrubs, and plants that will best suit you landscape needs and are suitable to your location.

Retaining Walls & Rock Gardens

Our company, professionally designs and constructs custom retaining walls. Our retaining walls can serve multiple purposes depending on the needs and wants of our clients. Retaining walls can add depth and create new levels of dimensions for plants, rocks, and patios. While retaining walls add allot to many landscape designs, they also can play an important role in erosion control and restraining soil onto unnatural slopes.
Rock gardens also incorporate depth and dimension to your property. Using boulders native to your area, we can tie in your natural surrounding and incorporate low maintenance perennials and shrubs.

Our Work

Rosscreek Landscaping has the flexibility and experience to meet your specific needs!  From water features and ponds to custom stone patios, sidewalks, rich lawns and gorgeous flowerbeds with stone retaining walls, Rosscreek has the experience and expertise to take your project and make it a reality.  Get inspired by checking out some of our recent work below!

Our Philosophy

Rosscreek landscaping is a family run business that fosters the core values of honesty and integrity.
Our philosophy is to deliver quality reliable workmanship. We work together with the customer to ensure satisfaction of their landscaping needs.

Our Accreditations

We are Certified Aquascape Pond and water feature contractors as well as Certified Kichler Outdoor Lighting and Barkman Concrete Contractors.


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